Tripadvisor rebrand for a refreshed visual identity

With Tripadvisor going from strength to strength since February 2000, the company has taken to dive into updating their visual identity and brand message. Working closely with Mother Design based in London & New York City

Tripadvisor provides travel guidance to almost 460 million visitors to their website every month. Founded on the basis that humans give the best advice, Tripadvisor has gone from strength to strength since February  2000. The website featured opinions and reviews on approximately 8.1 million establishments across every city you can think to fly too.

Realising the travel Industry has evolved over the years it seems right that the biggest name in travel followed suit. Their current owl icon is such a recognised visual identity and loved globally. With this in mind, the logo has been striped back and simplified. Using a better shape to make the owl easier to identify at smaller sizes. Meaning, the identity as a whole is less cluttered and less complex.

Mother Design paired the newly simplified owl icon with a custom typeface Colophon Foundry. Mother Design stated the typeface “could carry the weight of the real, global, human connection the brand believes in”. We think the new icon and typeface is super clean and cements the brand into the digital age.