‘THIS’ Is How You Do Vegetarian Branding

‘THIS’ is a new meat alternative that doesn’t compromise on the real taste. Furthermore, It looks and tastes like the real thing.

Finally, a ‘meat’ product that we can enjoy without the guilt of knowing where it came from. ‘THIS’ is a new vegetarian brand that promises to look, and in addition, taste like a real meat product.

The brand produces and sells soy and pea-based meat alternatives made out of for all tastes. Including; chicken, beef & pork.

Johnson Banks are the people behind naming and branding ‘THIS’. The product is aimed at a flexitarian market, it gives people the choice to reduce meat consumption as apposed to cutting it out of their diet all together.

The branding uses a tongue-in-cheek approach. Rather than using the guilt trip tactics of other brands.

The name “THIS” has been chosen to allow a talking point for their products in their marketing and advertising. Saying things like “This isn’t beef” and “This isn’t chicken”

A sans-serif bold typeface called ‘Durk’ has been used across the branding. Including logo, packaging & marketing touch points.

Found of Johnson Banks, Michael Johnson says “we used this typeface to create a big statement and an in your face attitude”. Furthermore, the studio also commented on how they wanted to steer away from the industry clichés with the brand staying away from using oranges and greens.

We personally think it’s the best branding we have come across in a long time. Let us know your thoughts about the brand.

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