Space Office Rental

Space Office Rental is a start-up company based in 6 countries. The people at Space approached us to help create a brand for them. The office rental sector is fairly new so we could go in any direction. Space is a really relaxed and laidback office space. We wanted to capture that within this brand.

The Brief

To design a new logo for a start-up company within a fairly new industry.

To create a logo that focuses on the brand values of the company including; a fun, diverse and relaxed office space.

To make sure the logo can be spread across each location worldwide.

Our Response

We did a huge amount of research into the office spaces that they provided and found them to really cool, slick and upmarket. We knew this logo has to represent that in all areas around the world. We came to the idea of colour and having each colour represent an office around the world. Blue, for example, is Paris and the Paris office had a blue theme inside (Pens, cups & chairs). We paired these colours with a script typeface to create a relaxed and fun logo.