Nike ID reinvents itself into ‘Nike By You’

Nike has rebranded Nike ID into Nike By You. Nike is putting an emphasis on the brands “co-creation” service that it customers crave.

Personalisation of a product has become very popular. Personalisation lets a customer explore creative freedom and gives them the ability to create something truly unique. Nike ID has always been at the forefront of this industry by a huge margin.

Adidas set up a similar service in Berlin called ‘Knit For You’. Customers came along and were able to customise their own knitwear. Adidas has had huge success from ‘Knit For You’.


Nike launched ‘Nike ID’ in the year 2000. Allowing customers to pick a style of trainer, and customise it’s colours. Your name could be added to the trainer also, dependent on which trainer you were building. Since 2000, Nike ID had massive growth and popularity. Nike ID is being featured in over 100 stores called ‘studios’.

Nike introduced a ‘while-you-wait’ service in its New York City store. Where a customer could come in, sit down with a specialist. Nike’s customers still love and use the popular Nike service. It has set them apart from its competition for a long time.


The idea behind the Nike By You Rebrand

Gretel is a branding agency based in New York City. Gretel, where hired to help refresh the identity of Nike ID. However, it quickly turned into the whole Nike ID brand and brand strategy being completely overhauled. Gretel went as far as to rename Nike ID.

“The next generation of consumers is setting a high bar for customisation to express all facets of their identity and individuality,” says Daniel Edmundson, Strategy Director at Gretel. “Nike needed a pivot not only in how they spoke about customised experiences but also what the entire offering meant across the brand, inside and out.”


The new Nike By You rebrand is made up of two parts. Nike being the first part to the brand. The brand is centred around line art and a black and white colour pallet.

‘The customer’ is the second part. This is where the colour and customisations get added. The brand shows this and is built on the idea that the customer will add colour and personality. The new brand gives the customer a blank canvas for them to do as they please.


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