BT’s New Logo Splits Opinions, What Do You Think?

BT has had a new logo design. Set to be launched in a few weeks, it begs the questions. Is less really more?

BT, the institutional telecoms group formerly known as ‘British Telecom’. Is the latest big company to have its brand injected with a new logo. However, people have been outrageously underwhelmed.

Philip Jansen, the CEO of BT has confirmed the international rebrand will be going live in summer.

According to a BT spokesman, the new logo is due to them moving from an offline to an online communication landscape.

“The previous logo was put together for a largely pre-digital world, where most of our brand touchpoints were in print compared to today where 90% of our brand touchpoints are on screen,” they said. “The new design is far better suited to be equally effective in all the mediums we need it to be”.


The design trend of simplicity is huge at the moment within a variety of different industries including; technology, fashion & media. A massive amount of people will agree that a stripped back brand identity with no mess and no fuss is the way forward. Companies are putting more of a focus on digital marketing and customer service.

Many people will snigger at BT’s new stripped back logo. However, design has always been highly debatable amongst different people and always will be. We have seen debates over comic sans and drop shadows nearly turn into first fights.

It begs the question of has the trend gone too far with design. The people of Twitter seem to think so. We think although you can debate that the new BT logo is bland with no emotion or meaning. It’s highly unlikely that the black and white logo will be used on any marketing materials. It will more than likely be used with colours that represent sub-brands of the business. Let us know your thoughts.