Logo Design

First impressions count, a customer will take on average 7 seconds to judge your business. First impressions are why logo design is the very beginning and most fundamental part of any business’ success.  A logo is one of the first things people and your customer sees, which is why we create bespoke logos for your business needs and goals.

We have tonnes of experience in logo design and know exactly how to communicate your goal to your chosen audience. Our logo designers have been collectively designing logos for over five years and have designed logos for all types of business. From small start-ups to substantial corporate companies, truly, we have done it all.

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How does a logo design project work?

It is very similar to a branding project, it takes the same process, but there are fewer elements to consider. We have created logos for business’ just starting. Our Aim is to make sure your business gets a running head start in the market they are working within, with an effective logo design. Furthermore, we also accommodate the business’ that needs a logo redesign, bringing their current logo’s back to life.

Why not take a look at what our logo designers did for Freelancer.

1. Research & Findings

Phase 1 of our logo design project is a research phase. We do some research around the points of the logo including your business, it’s target market, and it’s target audience. We also go into some of the following questions;

  • Do you have a current logo?
  • What do you want out of your new logo?
  • Where will the logo be used?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What design language do you want to use?
  • What message would you like your new logo to convey?

2. Ideas Generation & Design

Once we have gathered all of our research and findings from phase 1, we then start the ideas and design phase. Ideas generation is done on paper to make sure we can convey our thoughts and what we believe is the right director for the project.

We generate ideas of all aspects of the logo including icons, typography, layout, imagery & colour.

We create ideas ready for presentation to the client. Once we have presented the designs to the client, we ask they chose 2-3 ideas prepared for development. We then move the project to phase 3.

3. Finals & Delivery

After phase 2 is signed off, we move to phase 3. We then develop the clients chosen ideas in a digital format. We design all aspects of the logo until we meet the goals of the project and have delivered a solution for the brief.

Once the client chooses the final, we do the final tweaks and changes including; making sure it’s all aligned and making sure colours are correct. We then create a logo guidelines pack which includes the logo in all media needed. We will also include the logo’s use guidelines in the logo pack.

Once we have received final payment, the copyrights of the logo design will be transferred to the client. We only reserve the right to post your logo design on our social media platforms and on our website.

How much does all this cost?

Unlike a brand identity project, a logo project has less to consider. Thus being cheaper (Don’t worry, we still pour the same amount of love into it). We are firm believers in everyone’s needs and budgets being different, so we like to price projects on a ‘project by project’ basis. Contact us for a quote.

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