Halifax Rebrand To Appeal To A Younger Audience

Rufus Leonard has rebranded Halifax and tidied up their visual identity. All in a bid to help the 150+-year-old bank appeal to a younger audience.

With the rise of banks like Monzo and starling. Halifax has enlisted the help of Rufus Leonard, a branding agency based in London. Rufus Leonard created a new flat logo and identity. Advertising agency Adam&EveDBB created a series of advertising campaigns.

The campaigns put an emphasis on the bank’s mortgage offerings for home buyers.

The new Halifax rebrand keeps the famous “X” that everyone is so familiar with. The “X” has been redesigned and stripped back for a more digital-friendly look. Furthermore, the “X” has been made thinner and longer, paired with a new typeface that is also thinner than the previous and with smaller kerning.

The colour pallet is still their instantly recognisable blue. However, it is now a wider pallet with different shades of blue and white that can be interchangeable.

A secondary colour pallet has also been implemented for advertising. Yellow, green, blue & pink will be used across print and digital communication. Line icons have also been created to help identify some key services for the brand. 

D’Alanno, executive creative director, behind the Halifax rebrand at Rufus Leonard says;

“We wanted it to be warm and colourful, while still being true to the brand’s blue,” he says. “The horizontal lines in the logo were not robust in a digital space, they just got obliterated and were not strong or powerful. We removed the lines, generally decluttered and simplified the identity with flatness to help make it modern, clean and less fussy.”

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