Gumtree is an auction site that has been plagued with some unfortunate trust issues within its customers base. Gumtree sells everything from shoes to cars. We stepped in to create a more trustworthy brand for its customers to get behind and invest in.

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The Brief

To create a better brand for Gumtree whilst trying to instil trust in their consumers.

To create a simpler logo with a clear vision for the future of the business.

To create a more recognisable brand for its customers and target audience.

Our Response

We created a brand new logo consisting of new custom elements including a new typeface and a new icon. We created a modified typeface with a friendly feel to make the brand approachable to its customers. We also created a new tree icon consisting of different shapes to indicate the vast array of items for sale on the website. Resulting in a trustworthy, clean and approachable logo to create a clearer path for the future.