We were approached by Freelancer for a new branding project. Freelancer is a new startup app/website that connects freelance creatives to people that need their services. Services include; Graphic design, web design, painters, artists, photography & videography. Freelancer wanted to keep the logo type-based to make sure it catered for the whole creative industry.

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The Brief 

To create a logo that would cater to a creative audience.

To create a wordmark and icon that can be used in a variety of media outlets including app, web and print.

To create a bespoke typeface that is visually pleasing to the creative target audience.

To make sure the logo is kept type based so it represents the whole creative industry and it’s potential customers.

Our Response

We created a logo that’s full of colour to represent the vast amount of services you can be connected to. We created the brand out of the shapes used for the typeface to make it recognisable to it’s customers. We created a bespoke typeface that then, in turn, becomes the brand to give a really creative and versatile brand identity. We used the idea of blocks to create the typeface, this was to give the feel of something being built. To simulate the thought of freelancers building it’s customers ideas from graphic designers to construction builders.