Fine Fettle & Co is a start-up business created by three entrepreneurs. The brand is based around healthy snacks that people can snack on throughout the day and not feel guilty for. In addition, they are aiming for an upmarket look and feel and came to us to help from the ground up – starting with the name.


To build a brand identity from the ground up including brand name, packaging and style.

Create brand guidelines that the business can follow to help growth in the future.

Above all, Build a signature style that can be instantly recognised on a crowded shop shelf, that can also compete with the market leaders.


This project was a very unique project – the business came to us with just an idea. We had to create a whole brand from scratch, starting with a name. We landed on Fine Fettle & Co. There’s an old saying of “You’re looking Fine Fettle” meaning “You look healthy”. This was a great starting point for the business.

We then created an identity off the back of the ampersand. Stylizing this element into a recognisable icon that can be spread across all marketing materials. Furthermore, we then used bold colours on the logos and packaging to really set this identity off and help it appeal to an upmarket audience.


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