Deezer rebrands for a more “human and inviting“ feel

Deezer, the international music platform that rivals the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Has rebranded their identity to give off a more human and inviting look to their consumer.

The Deezer rebrand includes a new interface design that is spread across its mobile app and desktop website design. The app and website designs have been redesigned to create a more human feel.

Deezer was founded in 2007. It operates globally with 14 million active users. Furthermore, it is backed by huge name record labels including Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music.

Their in-house team are the brains behind the Deezer rebrand. The in-house team have created a new logo that is now all lowercase. Along with the much-needed redesign of the app. The updated app aims to be “light, playful and functional” says Stefan Tweraser, chief product officer at Deezer.

The main goal of the Deezer rebrand is to make navigating through the app easier and more user-friendly. Indeed, they have achieved this by using more white space and less text.

A new now playing interface has been added which now colour coordinates album artwork to the background of the app interface. In a bid to make the most of “eye-catching, bright” colours. Furthermore, while “challenging the standardisation of the music experience”, adds Tweraser.

Tweraser says that Deezer’s redesign is “not a result of competitive pressure” but instead was born out of a need to “provide the best possible experience for users”, as well as to create a personalised music experience with a more “human and inviting” design.

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