Creative Ninety Five is BACK!

Welcome back!

Welcome to the brand new Creative Ninety Five website. Not only do we have a new website, but we also have a new brand identity and new direction. We have been lying low for the past couple of months to give ourselves some time to grow. In the months we have been gone, we have had a huge change.

12 months after opening Creative Ninety Five we outgrew our old brand quite quickly. We are now focusing on brand identity and logo design projects. However, we will still endeavour to design what’s needed for our clients.

See our new projects!

So, what’s next for Creative Ninety Five?

Well, in the months we have been gone we have helped a whole host of new clients. Including Harvey’s Honey & Freelancer. Both with new brand identity’s and new logo design’s to help with the future of their business.

We have updated our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) be sure to check them out and follow us for daily updates on our clients, current projects and general studio updates.

Take a look at some of the work we have been doing below to view all of our projects, click the link!