BT’s full rebrand revealed – is it still splitting opinions

The new BT rebrand is currently being rolled out over the globe. It got us thinking if it’s still splitting opinions within the design industry.

A few months ago London-based studio Red&White, gave the world a sneak peak into the BT rebrand by teasing a shot of the new “boring” logo. We actually wrote a blog about it – read it here. When the Red&White revealed the redesigned logo it caused waves in (and out of) the design industry.

The new look for BT has been triggered by the company’s  desire for more public awareness. BT’s new brand  focuses around the enormous number of services that the company have to offer, including mobile, broadband & IT services for business’.

BT’s previous brand identity and strategy was very mixed matched and confusing. As you can see from the image above, the company have a massive amount of sub brands. However, they lack consistency in their visual identity, in turn the public not really understanding BT’s full potential.

The rebrand also aims at to focus on the business’ efforts in sustainability, equality and the environment. BT has a goal of using 100% renewable resources by 2020.

Paul Franklin, creative director at Red&White says: “We wanted to help the brand generate the confidence to tell these stories and change perceptions for the British public – it’s a tech brand, not just a telecoms brand.”

The new logo uses a bolder typefaces situated within a circle. Furthermore, the circle giving the new BT typeface it’s own negative space. Meaning, the new BT logo can be put on almost any background being able to be used as a holding device for the company.

With purple being the ‘new’ core colour. Which Franklin states has been in the company’s brand for several hears, but has been confused with the public perception of blue due to lack of clarity and consistency.

“The brand has actually been purple for seven years, but customer research showed that people think it’s blue,” he says. “This is understandable given that the logo had blue lettering. The ambition was to move away from connotations of old-fashioned blue and towards purple instead.”

The new BT logo is just the beginning, it’s part of a bigger picture for the company. As well as overhauling the BT group’s branding, the new brand is being consistent across the company’s sub brands. Which include; BT TV, BT SPORT, BT REDCARE & BT WHOLESALE.

These cover the TV subscription, sport channels, home security services, such as alarms and fire detection, and internet services, such as broadband.

The sub-brands follow the same master-brand style with the BT font in the centre of a circle. However, with the sub brand off set the right of the main logo.