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Branding is not just a logo design; it is much more than that.

The logo is an essential part of the brand. However, a brand is spread across social, web, advertising, slogans, packaging design, product placement, tone of comunication and much more. You can think of a brand as an emotional attachment which a person, customer, or a consumer develops toward a particular business. It’s accompanied with an impressive loyalty and, in most circumstances, is a business’ most valuable intangible asset.

Take a look at the brand we built for Ham Dental Practice.

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"Branding is what people say about your business when you're not in the room."

How We Work.

We’ve created a different number of brand identities for some very different clients. Each has individual needs for their projects. Some can take a few weeks; some can take a few months depending on the needs of your business and the complexity of the project. We appreciate every client is different, we allow clients to pick parts of a branding project that is relevant to their business. There are a few phases of a branding project; they are as follows;

1. Research & Findings.

We start any project with heavy research into all aspects of your business. Including your customers, your current business position and your competitors. Furthermore, we conduct some extensive research into your chosen brand elements.

2. Brief & Build.

Once we have completed all the relevant research, we then start to craft ideas based upon the findings. We start to build your brand’s story. We explore everything from the logo to your website, making sure we are creating in line with your business objectives.

3. Finals & Devivery.

Finals and delivery is the part where all the elements come together. This is where your new brand comes to life. We build everything you need from your website and logo to your social media accounts and any advertising collateral. We also help implement your brand in the most effective way possible.

4. Growth & Development.

An effective brand is never finished. It takes time and development. We will be on hand to help create anything your new brand needs from social media content to new business cards for new employees. We are always analysing, listening & looking for new ways to grow your new brand.

How Much Does All This Cost.

We price on a project by project basis. Due to every client/project having different needs and different budgets it ensures clients get the absolute most out of a project with us.

However, due to our team all working remotely – We don’t have any expensive studio costs. Meaning we can pass this saving to our clients.

Let’s Talk About Your Brand.

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