Branding Agency or Freelancer?

What Are The Differences Between a Branding Agency & Freelance?

If you’ve got a new design project bubbling away but wondering where to go, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re asking the question of design agency or freelance?

Within the design industry, there are three main areas in which designer work in. Design agency, freelance or an in-house team. We’re going to be looking at the differences between design agencies and freelance and what each can offer your business.

Design Agency

A design agency typically is a team a people with different disciplines ranging from print to web. They typically attract bigger clients because of how much they can do in a short space of time. Due to the bigger team being able to manage projects more effectively. However, they tend to have a nice big studio with big costs.


A freelance designer typically works for themselves and can either have a couple skills ranging from print and web. Or can specify in one area of design (Logo, Web design, Web development…). They have lower costs because they don’t have bigger teams to pay and/or high studio costs.

What Are The Benefits?

Design Agency

Let’s take a look at the different benefits that a design agency or freelancer may have.

Design Agencies are known for coming up with the worlds best work. They’re renowned for coming up with innovative and fresh ideas. Agencies are always on the edge of innovation and technology, knowing what new in design and knowing the newest strategies.

Clients of design agencies can benefit from a highly skilled and talented team of individuals ranging from web designers, brand designers and account managers. All putting their skills and knowledge together for their client’s project.

However, design agencies charge a premium for this service, due to them creating the best workaround. They can also take a longer process from first meeting to final delivery. It’s also worth noting that the Creative Director you initially meet with, might not necessarily be the person working on your project.


Working with a freelance designer tends to be a little quicker. Due to the fact they only take on two or three projects at a time. The client also has the added benefit of working with one person as opposed to two or three. Furthermore, meaning it can be a little more personal for the client. Freelancers typically charge less than agencies because they don’t require a huge studio with huge costs. They don’t have many overheads meaning they can charge less for their work.

However, a freelancer doesn’t typically create innovative work or create fresh content. They have to juggle a couple of different clients and projects which tends to decrease the quality and creativity of the work.

Which Is Right For Me?

Design Agency

  • If you have a relatively big budget for your project
  • Can take on more substantial projects
  • If you’re needing a rebrand/redirection


  • You have a limited budget
  • If your project is relatively small
  • If your business is just starting out

However, every client and project is different. The needs may be interchangeable so we recommend you do some research and contact a couple of design agencies and freelancers before being set on whom you want.

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