Brand Identity

Brand Identity is not the equivalent of a logo design; it is much more than that. The logo is an essential part of the brand. However, a brand has a social presence, web, advertising, slogans, packaging design, product placement and much more. You can think of a brand as an emotional attachment which a person, or a customer, or a consumer develops toward a particular business. It’s accompanied with an impressive loyalty and, in most circumstances, is a business’ most valuable intangible asset.

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How we do a branding project?

We’ve created a different number of brand identities for some very different clients. Each has individual needs for their projects. Some can take a few weeks; some can take a few months depending on the needs of your business and the complexity of the project. There are two phases of a branding project; they are as follows;

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Research & Findings

We start a branding project with heavy research into all aspects of the business. Including the target market, the target audience & the business’ competitors.

We go into every aspect of the branding for your business.   Everything is designed and developed as a whole, so all aspects of the brand communicate with each other.

We sit down with the client and ask some of the following questions;

How do you see your brand?
What do you think is positive & negative about your current brand (if applicable)
How do you see your online brand?
What would you like your target audience to feel when they come across your brand?

Ideas & Design

The ideas and design phase is usually the most significant phase. Phase 1 & 2 generally go hand in hand, once we have completed all the relevant research, the ideas and design phase should fall in to place quite nicely.

Our phase 1 findings directly impact our ideas generation. We create ideas on all elements of the branding project from Logo to Social media language. The ideas are developed on paper to make sure we can easily manipulate the ideas into what we imagine them to be.

We send off our ideas to the client and ask them to pick 3-5 ideas that we can then massively develop into presentation worthy designs.

After this, we send the client the 3-5 chosen ideas and take the project into phase 3.

Finals & Delivery

After phase 2, the client will then chose two ideas from the 3-5 we put forward. In the unlikely event that the client doesn’t think strongly enough of any of the ideas we put forward, we default the project back to phase 1 free of charge until we get it right.

Phase 3 of a branding project consists of finals being created to specification including; logos, social, web, packaging & ad campaigns. It also allows for tweaks and slight changes, all in preparation for the final presentation to the client.

After the final presentation, we deliver your brand guidelines pack that includes all the information behind the brand, how it will be used and how it works. It also contains all relevant deliverables and any media that is required.

How much does all this cost?

We price on a project by project basis. Due to every client/project having different needs and different budgets it ensures clients get the absolute most out of a project with us!

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