Android Homme.

Android Homme is a luxury sneaker brand represented in some of the world’s most premium retailers. Conceptualised in Los Angeles and produced in Portugal, each pair of Android Homme is thoughtfully constructed using opulent fabrics and equipoised proportions to achieve a highly-defined aesthetic.

The Brief.

To help Android Homme raise brand awareness in the UK and help the market to the right audience. Create a billboard that includes the following with the logo, website ( and image, in portrait form and in various sizes to meet digital billboard requirements. Furthermore, to keep the brand values of an upmarket exclusive fashion brand.

Our Solutions.

Android Homme launched in the UK five years ago and wanted to create a buzz for the brand up and down the country. We created a series of billboard’s to go around the UK that kept to the brand values and brand image. We teamed a high-end photograph of a staple trainer and used a good amount of negative space to keep a high-end look and feel.
As a result, the showcase footwear sold out within three days of the billboard’s launching.

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