‘All 4’ Rebrands Into A Forward Thinking Powerhouse

Channel 4’s on-demand service, All 4, has had a rebrand courtesy of its in-house studio 4Creative and DixonBaxi. The rebrand is focused around moving forward and constantly moving.

Channel 4’s on-demand service, all 4, have been rebranded. Channel 4’s in a house design agency, 4Creative & DixonBaxi have revamped the service with a new logo. The new new logo focuses on a new “play bar”.

The rebrand comes after the on-demand service launched as 4oD in 2006. Eventually, was then later renamed All 4 in 2015. Of course, this was to bring all the channel 4 sub channel’s under one umbrella brand to create a more seamless branding approach.

The new logo is based around blocks which celebrate the original Channel 4 logo designed by Lambie-Nairn. Launched back in 1982. In Fact, the original logo was a three-dimensional design that focused on a digital age back in 1982.

The new logo is a punchy, bold and powerful. For Instance, the logo is white being placed on a dark background with a bright yellow bar followed by a green bar.

Furthermore, featuring a forward angled corner to represent the play bar. To the viewer, the yellow shows the part of the show already watched. Whilst the green bar represents the chunk of the show still to be watched.

4Creative and DixonBaxi wanted to move away from traditional video streaming services norms. In an interview, Creative Director of DixonBaxi stated;

“A lot of them centre their branding around the [triangular] ‘play’ symbol,” he says. “We used the play bar to show the level of control users now have over shows they are watching, rather than being stuck in a linear process; users can move forwards and backwards as they wish. We also felt a lot of on-demand services fall on reds, pinks and richer tones, so we wanted to be different.”

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