Adidas denied trademark: how can you protect your brand?

With Adidas’ famous three stripes now being as no longer synonymous or distinct enough to be immediately associated with the brand. The trademark has been stripped from them. It has us asking the question; how can brands really protect their logo and identities?

Adolf Dassler, founder of Adidas, originally trademarked the sportswear company as the “the three stripe company”. The logo being designed to showcase the fact that their trainers always incorporate those very same three stripes.

However, the EU believes that the Belgium company has failed to distinguish the three stripes and has held this week that the they no longer have the exclusive rights to those famous three stripes.

With this in mind, it got us thinking how brands and business can protect their identities. We have collated a list below to make sure you can keep your brand protected in the best possible way.

1. Create a unique identity.

Firstly, if you’ve not named your business yet, make sure you name it something individual and interesting. Make sure your logo and brand identity involves something unique. It could be a symbol, a layout, an image or even a colour.

2. Distinction is key

A huge amount of brands share the same element within their logos. Pret â Manger use a star in their logo, as do Macy’s and Converse. However, they all use the shape in very different ways. If you put their stars next to each other, 99% of people could differentiate them from each other.

3. Apply for a trademark

You can do this via the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The process is straightforward – and while it can be expensive for a worldwide audience however, it is brand protection.

4. Use it or lose it

Just like the old saying goes… use it or lose it. Furthermore, it speaks volumes, if you don’t use your brand; you will loss it.