5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Help Your Brand

What is social media & how is it beneficial to my brand identity?

Social media is an application or web service that allows users a platform to network on, whether it be for personal social networking or business networking. There are a couple of different social media channels that work for various reasons. However, they are all just as powerful as each other.

Social media is a massive aspect of branding. A brand identity is mainly how your customers perceive your business or products. You can read more about brand identity’s here.

Once you understand what brand identity is, you can start to appreciate how easy and how it  impacts on branding.

1. Your target audience is on social media

For any business to succeed, they need a targeted demographic/target audience. As of 2017, there are 2.4Billion people actively using social media. From Facebook to Snapchat, your dream customers are out there. Facebook Ads is an effortless way to get your brand or product seen by the right people with their handy target audience tool. You can dial in on a specific target market and make sure your ads and posts are seen and not wasted.

2. Social media platforms

There are three leading social media platforms that all serve a different purpose. Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Instagram for example, is an image posting platform. Instagram is great for showcasing new work or new products or your funky office space. The audience’s on Instagram love to see behind the scenes of a business and how it works.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a great way to get into a conversation with your customers and create a buzz for a product through being real. Solita restaurant chain is excellent at this. Take a look at their Twitter account here. They engage with what is happening with their customers and usually respond with something witty which creates excitement for the brand.

3. Social media ads are hugely cost-effective

Social media has a huge amount of ad potential that is all cost-effective depending on the object you want to achieve. Facebook, for example, can work wonders for a brand exposure or the launch of a new product. A quick tip is to keep the social media ads on brand and keep their objectives and messages all consistent.

Social ads are a quick way to put a brand, product a service in front of millions of people. With Facebook and Instagram being the main platforms for this type of advertising. However, a big part of social media ad’s is based on what you do after the ad campaign has finished.

4. Building Brand Loyalty

Social media is a fantastic way to build a customer base and further build a relationship with potential customers and leads that show interest through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s a great way to connect with your customer on a personal level, a huge amount of brands now offer Q&A’s on their social media platforms, this lets their customer get a personalised answer to whatever question they have answered. Furthermore, this creates a trust between the brand and customer further implementing their loyalty with the brand.

On top of that, interacting with your customers on social media can show’s that your brand cares about the public perceptions on you which additionally builds that golden trust.

5. Social media improves SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be influenced by many different aspects – Social media, being one of them. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are now taking social media into consideration. Taking things like social media profiles, social media link earning & social signals like likes, retweets & shares. All of these aspects of social media paired with other SEO measures could be a perfect balance for a high rank in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Furthermore, It’s also worth noting that when people search for your brand on Google, most of the time your social profiles will rank highly and be on the first page of the search results. Meaning, more people will land on your social media profiles.

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