What We Do

Creative Ninety Five is a brand identity & logo design agency based in Cheshire. We have designed logo’s and brand identity’s for small business and large corporations. An effectively designed logo design or brand identity can be a business’ most intangible investment.

Our Work!

Logo Design

First impressions count, a customer will take on average 7 seconds to judge your business. This is why logo design is the very first and fundamental part of any business’ success.  A logo design is one of the first things people and your customer sees. It’s the one thing they will judge your business on which is why we create bespoke logos for your business needs and goals.

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is not the equivalent of a logo design; it is much more than that. The logo is an important part of the brand. However, a brand identity has a social presence, web, advertising, slogans, packaging design, product placement and much more. It is accompanied by an impressive loyalty and, in most circumstances, is a business’ most valuable intangible asset.

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Address: Cheshire | Greater Manchester

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